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About us

Anhui My Darling Co.,Ltd is a leader in bamboo fiber products design, research and development manufacturing and exporting.We have multiple categories of kitchen, dinnerware, pet bowl, plant pots and more.

As a professional supplier, we have cooperate with Starbuck, JP Morgan, Haage-Dazs, Giordano and so on.our products have passed on SGS, LFGB, FDA etc.The annual output is up to 25million pieces.

OEM & ODM design are acceptable.we have professional designer team for support and skilled workers follow the production

Bamboo Fiber Products-3 things you need to know

How about the material?

-it turns out that bamboo is a great material to make an eco friendly products from.Bamboo is a sustainable crop, they can be grown without pesticides and grow incredibly fast.Bamboo is a plant product therefore it stores carbon and will biodegrade. They can be harvested over and over again because as a stem is cut, the plant will grow new items to replace it.

-How do they make it into products?Mixing bamboo powder and corn starch to make a paste then add Melamine which makes it harder.(the melamine makes products super harder, if you drop it, it will probably survive . Of course it isn’t indestructible.


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Email: henry@my-darling.net


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